Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is Fatah celebrating today?

Caroline Glick asks What is Fatah celebrating today?  The answer is not a pleasant one.
Today [January 2, 2013] Fatah members in Dehaisheh, outside Bethlehem celebrated the terror group's special day by parading around in paramilitary uniforms, khafiiyehs and ski caps while brandishing rifles, axes, mock-up rockets and other terror paraphernalia.

But what so far has gone unnoticed by the media here -- and of course the media worldwide - is that today is not the anniversary of anything. It is not Fatah's 48th birthday. Arafat established Fatah in either 1957 or 1959 in Kuwait.

On the night of December 31, 1964-January 1, 1965, Fatah conducted its first terrorist attack against Israel. So today's 48th birthday celebrations are not honoring Fatah's birth, but Fatah's first terrorist attack, which took place 48 years ago, yesterday. Incidentally, and rather poetically, the attack was a failed attempt to bomb Israel's national water carrier, (that is, to poison Israel's wells...).
So much for the alleged moderation of Abu Mazen and his cohorts. Yitzhak Rabin was right, Abu Mazen is a terrorist and will always be one.  If only Shimon Peres would see it, the Middle East would be a different place.

Well, that's what I have to say.

Stephen M. Flatow