Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are the Palestinians getting fed up being used as cannon fodder? Cartoon criticizes leadership

Palestinian Media Watch has released a story with a cartoon that is critical of Palestinian leadership that puts Palestinian citizens in danger.

You can see the cartoon and its accompanying article here - PA cartoon criticizes Palestinian leaders for deaths in Gaza - PMW Bulletins

It's a small comment on the fecklessness of the PA leadership, but maybe it's a start to bigger things.

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An Ovation for the NYPD

I haven't commented on the uproar surrounding revelations that the NYPD was using 21st Century methods to prevent terror.  I am referring to its using the Internet to look at Muslim related websites in order to see what's happening out there.

Politicians in NJ are tripping over each other to run to the microphone in order to condemn the NYPD for spying.  Why NJ you may ask?  How about it being a breeding ground the radical Muslims who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993?

The way I see it, most websites are open to the public and anyone, and I mean anyone, can view them or even sign up for those that require registration.  There should be no expectation of privacy on posts to the Web.

You may say this is trite, but if you use the Internet, you should expect others to read what you post.  And if it's hostile and threatening, you should expect that someone is going to look further.

In any event, here's an editorial from the New York Sun addressing the issue.
An Ovation for the NYPD

What do you think?

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From India - Warrant against 3 Iranians in Delhi blast case

News out of India of arrest warrants being issued for 3 Iranian men involved in last month's terror attack on the wife of an Israeli envoy.  The Indians are asking Interpol to help locate them.

(To see some good old-fashioned anti-Semitism, read the posted comments following the article.)

The full story is here: Warrant against 3 Iranians in Delhi blast case - The Times of India

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Europe remembers victims of terror

From Ireland,
VICTIMS of the Troubles and politicians yesterday paused in silence at Stormont to remember those murdered by terrorists as part of a Europe-wide day to oppose terrorism.
The event was held in Parliament Buildings’ senate chamber to coincide with the European Day for Victims of Terrorism, set up by the European Commission after the Madrid train bombings on March 11, 2004.
Read the full article - Victims remembered in Stormont silent tribute

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Peaceful Protest Can Free Palestine -

I am posting this later than I had intended because I was eager to submit a letter to the editor of theNew York Times before I finished my post.  Of course, where know where good intentions brings us, don't we?

In any event, the this op-ed, written by Mustafa Barghouthi, let's us know from the very first words where the writer truly stands about Israel, Palestinians and "peaceful" protest.
OVER the past 64 years, Palestinians have tried armed struggle; we have tried negotiations; and we have tried peace conferences.
Any pretense that he was interested in peace were belied by that sentence.  Reader - Israel was established 64 years ago!  1948, when Israel was created is his point of reference, not 1967 when the occupation of the territories began.

My letter to the editor was short and, I believe, accurately pointed out that no where in Barghouthi's piece did he acknowledge that Israelis have a right to live in peace in their own homeland.

While all letter writers believe theirs is worthy of inclusion in the Times, I must admit that the letters selected did a better job than I in making the fallacy of the op-ed so obvious.

I invite you, belatedly, to read the full op-ed, Peaceful Protest Can Free Palestine -, then read the letters to the editor that were published.

Well, that's what I think.  What about you?

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