Sunday, October 21, 2007

Terror in Pakistan - Democracy's Enemies At Work

The world's silence in the face of the horrific bomb attack in Pakistan is telling. It is reflective of the belief held by terrorists that human life is cheap, if not worthless, that another man or woman's opinion is worthless, and that those who strive in the fight to bring democracy and democratic institutions to all corners of the globe are their enemy.

Are the people of Pakistan content to allow more than 130 people die without demonstrating through peaceful means that terror is not sanctioned? Are they content to let Al Qaeda and the home grown terrorists off the hook? When will the Pakistanis say "enough is enough?"

From The New York Times--
Bomb Attack Kills Scores in Pakistan as Bhutto Returns
Published: October 19, 2007
Local news stations said today that 134 were killed and about 400 wounded when two bombs exploded Thursday near a truck carrying the opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.

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