Monday, November 19, 2007

They've Got to be Taught

Rodgers and Hammerstein had Lt. Cable singing "You've got to be taught, to hate and fear..." In 2007, we are a far way from the prejudice Cable laments. Here's what the editors of the New York Sun have to say about teaching the young. The stakes are a bit higher than ever imagined on Broadway.

They've Got to be Taught
New York Sun Editorial November 19, 2007

This struggle... will continue in this manner until the complete victory over the world of unbelief and arrogance, the eradication of any oppression, the appearance of the Master of the Age [the Shiite Hidden Imam], and the realization of the world government of Islam.
* * *
To know how a regime might behave look at what it is teaching its children. The above is from a middle-school textbook in a mandatory course inside the
Islamic Republic of Iran called "Islamic Culture and Religious Instruction." It is quoted with other textbook passages in a new report from the Brussels- and Jerusalem-based think tank, the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education. "What the regime is trying to do is to indoctrinate Iranian children into making them into radical Muslims, ready to sacrifice their lives for the revolution and spreading Khomeini's revolution throughout the west, and destroy the west," a researcher who helped compile the study for the institute, Shayan Arya, told us Wednesday.
Mr. Arya is a member of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran, a monarchist grouping that supports a referendum on Iran's system of government; he left Iran in 1984. He says the textbooks he surveyed, which are from 2004 during the rule of President Khatami, have for the most part failed to make the citizens of Iran, a nation of a little fewer than 70 million people, into Islamic revolutionaries. "Most of the young people reject these lessons," he said. But he worried that even if a small percentage of Iranian students today became indoctrinated, his country and the world would be dealing with hundreds of thousands of terrorists.
Reading through the new report, one can understand why Mr. Arya is worried. Iranian schools teach reading to eight year olds with phrases about Israeli soldiers bloodying the heads of three year old Palestinian Arabs. Nine year olds are encouraged to join the brown shirt religious militia; an art class text book instructs that drops of blood in the homeland are necessary for the sprouting of tulips. Had this kind of thing been taught anywhere except the Middle East there would be bipartisan outrage. But to assert that kind of thing nowadays about Iran draws contempt from pundits and politicians committed to stopping Bush's next war.
The Bush administration has done its best to appease its critics. Secretary of State Rice has been arguing that a recent Senate resolution suggesting that Iran's Quds Force be labeled a terrorist organization would not authorize the bombing of Iran's nuclear infrastructure. Admiral Fallon of our Central Command said there are currently no plans to authorize any military strikes either. All the while, too little attention is paid to the Iranian leaders themselves and what they have in mind.

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MyAmerica the beautiful said...

Have we become a victim of Israel-Arabs-Persians (Iran) insecurity going back over thousand of years?

• Israel has about 200 nuclear bombs. Israel is not supporting IAEA; not a member.

• Iran does not have a single nuclear bomb! Iran is developing a nuclear fuel cycle to make fuel cells for electrical energy production using reactor…just like Japan, Germany and many others.

• Iran has not attacked any country for the last 250 years… about the age of our country the good old USA. Is this true about Israel?

• Israel security is linked to stability in the region; Iran is part of this region.

Why are we so keen on Iran? Have we not done enough damage to the people of this country? Iran is developing a fuel cycle for production of electric energy, like Japan, Germany and many other countries. If you have to worry about nuclear bomb, should we put our finger on Israel first?

We spend our precious tax money to bribe the regional nations by giving them “foreign aids”, please spare me! We arm these nations, all of them. Some of the same arms have been use to kill our people. Except for Iran, where a single American has not been killed by Iranian people. Who were members of September 11 who attacked our country? Who attacked and killed our people on USS Liberty?

Should we spend our money and expertise in our hemisphere rather than 7500 miles from home? Our national interests first, please!

Respectfully, I am just asking questions.