Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open Season on Christians in the Islamic World

Phyllis Chesler writing in the Chesler Chronicles comments on the fate of Christians in Muslim lands.
For centuries, Muslims committed genocide against Hindus in India and what is now Pakistan. Today, in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Pakistan, Gaza, and Iran, it’s open season on Christians.

She asks,
When will Westerners truly understand that it is not only the West that has engaged in imperialism, racism, colonialism, and capitalism, but that the so-called East has done so too? African and Arab Muslims had a heavy hand in the African slave trade and, to this day, still keep slaves; Islam is a primarily imperialist venture which has colonized huge tracts of other people’s land. And, how would anyone describe the traffic in oil, drugs, and sex slaves which Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are currently engaged in as anything other than rank capitalism?

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Andre said...

If you want to talk about the slave trade, then perhaps you should begin at home with the sex slavery that is rampant in Israel.

While Islam has conquered land in the past, what land has Islam colonized in the last century? The trafficking in oil and drugs woudl not exist were there not a healthy kmarket provided by the West.

Saudi Arabia's vile leadership only exist becasue the West gives is complete protection.