Friday, March 5, 2010

Rachel Corrie's death now in the courtroom

This story is along the lines of "only in America" except we should now add "only in Israel."
The parents of Rachel Corrie, killed in an accident while she was protesting Israeli demolition of smuggling tunnels in a war zone in 2003, have filed suit in an Israeli court for damages arising out of that incident.

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The hearing of witnesses in the civil tort filed by the family of Rachel Corrie – a member of the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who was crushed to death by an IDF in 2003 – is due to begin next week in the Haifa District Court.
The plaintiffs – Corrie’s father, Craig; her mother, Cynthia; her brother, Christopher; and her sister Sarah Simpson – are suing the state for $324,424 in damages in what they charge was her wrongful death, caused by the use of “deliberate and utterly unreasonable force by the bulldozer driver” who ran over her over.

Controversy surrounds Corrie's death. Painted by her supporters merely as a concerned activist for Palestinian rights, I think she was far from it. I think she was a willing dupe of ISM and Hamas. A widely distributed photograph of Corrie shows her face contorted in rage as she burns an American flag in an attempt to curry favor with her Hamas handlers. But her death made a good story for anti-Israel protesters around the world.

The bottom line is that the government of Israel is allowing her parents to bring a lawsuit in an Israeli court. What other Middle Eastern country would allow that?

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