Sunday, April 11, 2010

Raising children on the hate diet

Despite its obligation to eliminate incitement against Israelis and Jews from its TV programming, school curriculum, newspapers and mosques, the Palestinian Authority has raised the level. Witness the recent naming of a Ramallah square after a mass murderer and a street after a master bomber. See my comment Treating a Terrorist as a Hero.

Today's Jerusalem Post features an article by Fern Oppenheim that addresses Palestinian incitement and the effect it will have on children.

Incitement is defined as “stirring to action, attempting to persuade.” A good example of incitement in the PA would be a fiery speech against Israel by a politician or an imam. Indoctrination, on the other hand, is defined as “instruction in the rudiments of a belief system” or, more simply put, brainwashing. An example of indoctrination would be a Palestinian TV program that teaches young children that all of Israel is Palestinian territory, and that suicide missions are the highest form of martyrdom.
Both spell trouble for peace in the Mideast and Ms. Oppenheim's take on their effects is right on point.

Read the full article here.

Who out there thinks Ms. Oppenheim is wrong?

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