Monday, June 11, 2012

Eileen Fleming, extreme anti-Israel candidate runs for Congress

Eileen Fleming, an extreme left-wing, anti-Israel in the name of human rights resident of Florida is running for Congress in Florida's 5th Congressional District. 

Just how anti-Israel is she?

First, her website home page features articles on the Israeli air force attack on the USS Liberty in the Six-Day War in 1967 when it was mistaken for an Egyptian war ship.  Israel apologized for the attack following investigations by US and Israeli armed forces and civilian groups.  But that has not been enough for Miss Fleming.

Second, Miss Fleming's position on all things Palestinian is one of either ignorance or intentional malice towards Israel and Israelis.  She has bought into the canard that Arab Christians are fleeing Israel when the opposite is the case, and decries the physical separation of Israeli and Arab communities without mentioning the reasons why the wall and fences were necessary in the first place.

Third, Miss Fleming cannot distinguish between the thousands of missile attacks launched from Gaza by Hamas, et al, and the need for an Israeli response in Operation Cast Lead.

The list goes on and on.  Surely, she won't win the election, but America is such a great country that it gives her the opportunity to run for elected office.

That's what think.

Stephen M. Flatow


eileen fleming said...

If anyone bothers to read your lame and slanderous attack against me, I hope they have enough integrity to READ me and make up their own mind.

I am Eileen Fleming for US HOUSE and I approve of ALL of my messages.

Bert Gedin said...

Mr. Stephen Flatow is very anti-Palestinian, blaming Palestinians for much destruction in Israel. Maybe one should make allowances for Mr. Flatow, as it seems his daughter was killed by a Palestinian in 1995. But Palestinian casualties, in disturbances and wars, are, by far, more numerous than Israeli casualties. All deaths and woundings are tragic. Palestinians and Israelis need to learn to respect each other, not merely exploit and fight each other. Who thinks it's a good idea to fight your next-door neighbor ?

Yani said...

You seem to be have an issue making the connect between 64 years of oppression and dispossession and the inevitable reaction that is the result. And between the relatively few people that have been killed by rockets over many years and what was an incredibly brutal response that included the use of phosphorus weapons on a civilian population which is illegal and definitely not permissible on a civilian population. I would have thought that anyone who has lost a loved one through violence would be far more capable of having genuine empathy for others and not use the experience for a one sided view which attempts to claim the only terrorists in Israel-Palestine are Jihadist. There are scores of examples of Jewish terrorism in I-P going right back to the bombing of the King David Hotel by Irgun, a Jewish terrorist group. Clearly the loss of your daughter to violence rather that stimulate your heart to seek a less violent world has merely resulted in exciting your need for revenge. Albeit with the pen as sword.

Stephen M. Flatow said...

I have no doubt that Eileen approves all of her messages and I am glad she stands behind her positions. Look at her websites and her writings, and you will come to the same conclusion as I did.
Bert Gedin is quick to jump on the statistics bandwagon when he points to the fact that the Palestinians suffer more casualties when confronting Israel. With Hamas and their ilk using human shields, what do you expect.
Alisa was not "killed" by a Palestinian in a traffic accident. While riding a public bus, she and 7 others were murdered and more than 40 were injured by a suicide bomber recruited by Islamic Jihad with a bomb designed by Hamas with money provided by Islamic Jihad sponsors.
Respect? Israel has been offering a state to the Palestinians since 1993 but the PA cannot step up and accept the reality that Israel exists.
Poor Yani. You get to the core of your beliefs in the first sentence of your comment. You complain that "64 years of dispossesion" has led to violence. This clearly relates back to 1948 and means that you are opposed to the existence of the State of Israel within any borders. C'mon now, admit it.
We can debate Irgun strategies, but I will tell you this-- the Irgun never bombed public buses, discotheques, pizza restaurants, bus stops or coffee shops, and the provisional Jewish government condemned the Irgun and assisted the Brits in rounding up its members. If only the PA would do the same instead of glorifying murderers.