Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arab Lawyers Honor Terrorist - only in the Middle East

A story from the website caught my eye last night.  "Arab Lawyers Union honors Palestinian Suicide bomber" the headline read.
The Arab Lawyers Union on Friday awarded its highest decoration to the Palestinian woman who carried out the 2003 suicide bombing at Maxim’s Restaurant in Haifa, which killed 21 and wounded 51. The Cairo-based union, which represents lawyers from 15 Arab countries, dispatched a delegation to the home of suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat in Jenin to present her family with the award.

Abu Eisheh, a lawyer who visited the family, said the Arab lawyers were proud of what Jaradat did “in defense of Palestine and the Arab nation.”
Turns out the ALU is a UNESCO NGO.  Among its goals is
Promote and protect human rights, basic freedoms and the primacy of law; and
Participate in the decolonization of the Arab Countries, to their liberation and the establishment of social justice
Of course, honoring a terrorist promotes human rights, and just what Arab countries are colonized?

You cannot make up this stuff.  It also reinforces the belief that UNESCO is worthless if they count folks like these among its NGOs.

Read the full report.

Stephen M. Flatow

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