Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shame On Anyone Who Ever Thought Mohammad Morsi Was A Moderate

alisa flatow stephen flatow israel morsi egypt muslim brotherhood democracyWere you surprised by Egypt's Mohammad Morsi promulgating dictatorial powers?  You should not have been.

As Eric Trager in New Republic points out,
Nobody should have been surprised when Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi issued a “constitutional declaration” on Thursday asserting total political power. This was, after all, the former Muslim Brotherhood leader’s second power grab since he took office in June, complementing his earlier seizure of legislative and constitution-writing authorities by now insulating himself from judicial oversight. Yet Washington was caught entirely off-guard: Morsi’s power play was at odds with the administration’s view that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “democratic party,” and his impressive handling of last week’s Gaza ceasefire created a modicum of trust between him and President Obama. So the State Department released a predictably confused statement, urging “all Egyptians to resolve their differences … peacefully and through democratic dialogue.”
To get Trager's take on the full story, read it here - Shame On Anyone Who Ever Thought Mohammad Morsi Was A Moderate  

As for me, a wolf in the sheep's clothing of a democratic movement, is still a wolf.  Perhaps the most dangerous kind of wolf.  

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