Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Boycott of Israel defies logic, morality. Couldn't agree more.

Frida Ghitis writes, Boycott of Israel defies logic, morality - MiamiHerald.com
If you want to work against peace between Israelis and Palestinians, if your aim is to ensure the two sides never work out their differences, then it’s a really good idea to support the boycott of Israel.
Ms. Ghitis is not being ironic; she's pointing out that efforts such as these undermine Israeli willingness to trust the "other side" in any sort of negotiations.

In my opinion, it is the bedfellows of anti-Israel and Jew-hatred incitement, and anarchistic groups, that causes Israel to hunker down.

As she says,
Boycotts against Israel are the worst possible way to help Palestinians. They are such a terrible idea that even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared he opposes them.
Boycotts are a bad idea, a very bad idea when it comes to singling our Israel and its Jews.

That's my opinion.

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