Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hamas and the "Truce"

Rachel Raskin-Zrihen examines the Egyptian brokered truce between Israel and Hamas.

Hope may spring eternal, but so, evidently, does Palestinian violence. Egypt was able, after months of negotiating, to wrangle a six-month truce out of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, re-igniting a dormant hope for normalcy and peace among many in Israel and the West. I guess I’m jaded. I am not that hopeful.

For some reason, the Palestinians and their apologists, seem to really believe that only Israel should be held to the terms of its agreements. I’m not sure how they rationalize that to themselves, but it’s clear that underlying that belief is an unwavering desire to see Israel destroyed. They have no interest in any “two-state solution,” and probably never will.

Read "All That Springs Eternal is Not Hope."

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