Monday, June 2, 2008

What Do You Call a Terror(Jihad)ist?

Bravo to P. W. Singer and Elina Noor for their thoughtful and forthright Op-Ed in the New York Times, "What Do You Call a Terror(Jihad)ist?"
For too long the media, and that includes ALL media, have tiptoed around the labeling of people who target innocent civilians through wanton violence. Ranging from insurgents to militants, but never terrorists, the media has given killers a free ride and much glorification by not calling them what they are.

Turning to the issue of "jihad," Singer and Noor believe that the use of "jidadist" gives honor to killers and thugs. Labeling them terrorists is another weapon in our war with terrorists and as the authors point out, "if we want to win a war of words, we would do well to choose the ones we use with greater care."

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