Friday, February 6, 2009

UNRWA Finally Catches On and Suspends Aid to Gaza

Is UNRWA, the U.N. Relief and Works Agency responsible for keeping Palestinians in refugee camps through the Middle East, waking up from its deep sleep? UNRWA has been criticized, rightfully so, for turning a blind eye to Hamas's goings-on in Gaza when it comes to so-called social service and humanitarian programs.

During and following the Israeli incursion, UNRWA bemoaned the lack of humanitaritan aid flowing into Gaza. Despite claims that such aid was being delivered and then diverted by Hamas, UNRWA pretended it didn't happen. Now, things have changed.

According to a CNN report, "the U.N. agency that provides humanitarian aid to Middle East refugees has suspended relief to Gaza after two incidents this week in which the ruling Hamas government seized the supplies, the U.N. group said Friday."

"The U.N. Relief and Works Agency won't resume deliveries until the stolen supplies are returned, and the agency is "given credible assurances from the Hamas government in Gaza that there will be no repeat of these thefts," the agency said in a written statement."
It's about time that someone an UNRWA woke up. Its action today was long overdue.

Read the report here.

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