Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Elected Officials Sound Silly -- Ellison and Baird Weigh-in on Gaza

U.S. Congressmen Keith Ellison and Brian Baird recently made a visit to Gaza. Their comments? Per the Jerusalem Post, after urging that more aid be allowed through Israeli checkpoints,
"When have lentil bombs been going off lately? Is someone going to kill you with a piece of macaroni?" asked Rep. Brian Baird (D-Washington).
Ellison added, "When people have been deprived and feel beat down long enough, you cannot make them do what you want by beating on them more. They are used to that. They know that. They have been without and they can be without," he said.
Gee, thanks for those insightful remarks, gentlemen. How about this-- Israel is at war with Hamas. What country in history has been asked to provide supplies to its enemy? Yes, Gazan civilians suffer but it the fault of their leaders who call for the destruction of Israel and, therefor, its citizens on a daily basis.

The story about the visit, 'Israel must change "counterproductive" Gaza policies' is found here.

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