Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Corrie family loses in Israeli court

An Israeli court has ruled that the state of Israel was not responsible for the accidental death of Rachel Corrie in a 2003 bulldozer accident.  Corrie was crushed by the bulldozer as she stood in its path in a misguided attempt to protect homes slated for demolition by the Israeli army since they were used to hide smuggling tunnels bringing weapons into the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

I'm not going to comment on Rachel Corrie other than to say that she was no innocent Alice in Wonderland.  Her face tells the story in this photo of her burning a mock American flag just a few days before her death on behalf of people who were using her as a pawn in a deadly game.  They are the same people who send their youngest men and women to kill Jews in suicide attacks.

The saddest part of her story is that Corrie's family continues to fail to see that they have been used by Jew-haters for almost 10 years in their efforts to destroy Israel and, ultimately, the Jewish people.
You can read a story about the trial and verdict here.

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