Friday, August 24, 2012

William Kristol to President Obama - who are you in bed with?

William Kristol has sent an open letter to President Obama about the Obama's campaign "Rabbis for Obama."  The problem is this - some of its members are not exactly what one would call friends of Israel.  And for a president who is being criticized daily by many for his positions on Israel, the Palestinians, settlements, the peace process, and the like, it may not have been a good idea to add them to the list.

One paragraph from the letter:
“Rabbis for Obama” includes many leaders of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Movement, a movement inimical to Israel’s well-being. It includes founders of the pro-Hamas “Fast for Gaza” initiative. It even includes one person who was pleased to dine with Iranian President Ahmadinejad in 2008 and another who says the United States and Israel bring terrorism on themselves. Several members of “Rabbis for Obama” are officials of Jewish Voice for Peace, a radical group that the Anti-Defamation League featured in its list of the “Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in America.”
Now before you start shouting that the Obama administration has done more for Israel militarily than any other president by increasing arms' sales, let me tell you that you are right but you miss the point.  American arms sales to Israel are part of the foreign aid package Israel gets each year. That's right kiddies, Israel gets money from the US to spend in the US buying weaponry from American companies.  So, not only is it aid to Israel, it's aid to American workers.  The military aid goes up with the cost of arms.
The gripe with President Obama is over his creation of issues on borders and settlements that were not issues on the Palestinian radar.

In any event, here's the
Letter from ECI Chairman William Kristol to President Obama

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