Friday, August 9, 2013

Rubbing salt into the wounds? Northern Ireland faces a test

From the BBC, a series of reports on a proposed march of IRA supporters in the village of Castlederg.

A victims group from west Tyrone is to meet Secretary of State Theresa Villiers later to express opposition to a republican parade in Castlederg.
The DUP's Arlene Foster will be among the politicians accompanying them at the meeting.
Sinn Féin are supporting the Tyrone Volunteers Day Parade which is due to take place on Sunday.
Unionist politicians have called on the secretary of state to ban the parade or at least condemn it.
Why?  The wounds of years of violence between Nationalists and Unionists have not healed.  Victims and their families are upset.
They say it will glorify terrorism and traumatise families affected by IRA violence.
Maybe the Irish will understand the feelings in Israel whenever the Palestinian Authority glorifies mass murder.  Then again, maybe not.

That's what I think.
Stephen M. Flatow

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