Friday, April 17, 2009

Indonesia's Elections- Two stories, two different views?

Indonesia recently held its third democratic elections since the end of General Suharto's rule in 1998. According to a news story in The New York Times, the election results may be nothing to celebrate. That is in contrast that with an Op-ed by Sadanand Dhume in the Wall Street Journal On-line that claims the elections "reflect the strides made by a country that not so long ago was in danger of becoming a byword for chaos and random violence."

Perhaps it is the old half-empty, half-full analogy at work here. Perhaps the Times is just not capable of recognizing good news coming out of a country that has had some dark days when it sees it.

You be the judge.

The Wall Street Journal piece is Indonesia Rejects Extremism.

The New York Times article is President’s Party Grabs Early Lead in Indonesian Vote.

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