Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Those Nice Folk at Hamas - Well, maybe they are not so nice, after all

The Washington Post features an Op-ed by Richard Cohen (not to be confused with the NYTimes's Roger Cohen) that talks about Hamas doings during the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza (Operation Cast Lead.)

Cohen writes, "Some residents of Gaza were taken from their homes and shot in the legs or feet. Some were brutally beaten, and some were simply murdered, sometimes after hideous torture. If you are expecting -- based on everything that has happened -- that the awful Israelis did this, guess again. It was Hamas, the authentic and genuine government of Gaza. Well, no one's perfect."

Based on a report issued by Human Rights Watch, no friend of Israeli policies, Cohen points out that Hamas's actions were not taken in the chaos of war, but with deliberation-- "the murders and maimings were not a consequence of chaos but of government policy."

You can only imagine what would happen if Israel dealt with its internal political enemies or dissenters in such a fashion. Last month, for instance, Israel got a heap of criticism and abuse when it was reported in the Israeli media that some Gaza civilians had been unjustifiably shot by Israeli soldiers. The report was widely cited, not just for its shocking allegations but also because it was supposedly indicative of the sort of place Israel has become. The government said the allegations were based on hearsay. We shall see.

Hamas, hiding behind civilians during war, and social services at other times, is nothing less than a repulsive terror organization. Its fellow Palestinians are to be used, abused and killed as part of Hamas's desire to destroy Israel. No other people are so self-abusing.

Read Hamas's Bloody Hands

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