Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jeff Jacoby writes: In Israel, a voice of realism

Jeff Jacoby writes,
"IF AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN'S first speech as Israel's new foreign minister did nothing else, it certainly vexed the media."
The Associated Press called it a "scathing critique of Mideast peace efforts" that had diplomats "cringing," while other reports said Lieberman had "dropped a political bombshell," "sparked an uproar," "repudiated a key accord," and "reinforced fears." The New York Times pronounced Lieberman's remarks "blunt and belligerent," describing the foreign minister as a "hawkish nationalist" who is "not known for diplomacy" and heads an "ultranationalist" party that is "seen by many as racist." Headlines summed up Lieberman's debut as an attack on peacemaking: "Lieberman dashes peace hopes," "Israeli official hits peace efforts," "Lieberman dumps peace deal." Links as in original.
Jacoby believes those fears are wrong. Lieberman is advancing a peace agenda, but one "with the respect and realism it deserves." In other words, no lip service to peace but a need for the Road Map to be strictly followed.

Is that too hard to do? Maybe because the Palestinians are yet to deliver on a single item of the Road Map. Is it too late for that too happen now?

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