Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Academic Boycott-- Prelude to terror?

Terrorists are not born, they are made. Schoolchildren and summer campers in the Mid-Eastern world are indoctrinated with hate of Israel, Jews and the West. The world's ills are blamed on the existence of Israel and, well, let's face it, the Jews. Not that the Muslims have enough teachers to spew their venom, British academia's teachers' union recently joined in by calling for a boycott of all things Israeli.
American university leaders have condemned such a boycott and took out a full page ad in the New York Times to condemn it. Is this enough? Not according to Ruth R. Wisse in

It is heartening to see such unanimity among academic leaders who normally shun group protests or statements; still, it is less heartening when one considers that these leaders may have found it easier to denounce an outrage overseas than to tackle prejudice in their own institutions. President Bollinger and his colleagues know that anti-Israel venom is widespread on American campuses. The real test of their resolve to preserve academic integrity will occur here, at home.

She's laid down the challenge, how will American universities react?

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