Monday, August 20, 2007

Jonathan Tobin Gets It Right About CAIR

Jonathan Tobin comments in the Jerusalem Post on the free ride given by prominent newspapers such as The New York Times to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Tobin correctly points to CAIR's creation as a front for HAMAS as evidence of its true being and Islamist leaning.

He writes,
"MUSLIMS WHO believe their community can and must integrate itself into liberal Western societies - who oppose the use of terrorism in the name of their faith, and who support democratic values as well as the rights of women - do exist.

"But where are such voices, so needed in an era when Islamists who are in a state of war with the West are working overtime to infiltrate and control Muslim communities and mosques? The answer is that, given the level of intimidation enforced by Islamist imams and their political fellow travelers, few are willing to step forward to challenge the radicals."

View From America: The vicissitudes of genuine Muslim moderates

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