Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Israel: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors-- A Divided Road

The New York Times reported today on the construction of a “divided road” being built through the West Bank to connect Palestinian cities in the north and south without having direct access to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. While Israelis and certain Palestinians will be allowed to access one side of the road with exits into the Holy City, other Palestinians will not be able to travel freely into the city. And why should they?
There is no credible evidence that Palestinians wish to live side by side in peace with Israelis. Witness another shooting last week while traveling on a highway adjacent to the separation barrier with the West Bank. Until the day comes when Palestinians are as concerned about Israeli’s rights to travel in their own country, I do not have much sympathy with claims that Israel is impeding their right to travel.

A Segregated Road in an Already Divided Land
Published: August 11, 2007
The Israeli side of a divided road being built through the West Bank has various exits; the Palestinian side bypasses Jerusalem.

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