Saturday, August 11, 2007

The New York Times Frets, Again

The Gray Lady of the news was in high dudgeon today bemoaning the Congress giving the Bush Administration continued and, according to some, expanded wiretapping authority. The Times was in rare form as it cited the Administration for creating a “brew of fear to kill off” competing bills. On top of that, those dastardly people in the White House “cowed the Democrats into passing a bill giving Mr. Bush powers that go beyond even the illegal wiretapping he has been doing since the 9/11 attacks.”
At least the Times recognizes that the new law has “a six-month expiration date, and that leaders of both houses of Congress said they would start revising it immediately.”
I for one am not worried about my civil liberties or yours. This country has survived for more than two centuries because its institutions are bigger than any one man or newspaper.

The Need to Know
Published: August 11, 2007
If President Bush wants Americans to give him the power to spy on them at will, Americans should be allowed to know how much their freedoms are being abridged.

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Anonymous said...

one problem here,passing a bill in the middle of the night before the "PEOPLE" even get a chance to comment on it is not the "PEOPLE" giving anything to was craven legislatuors afraid to even listen to the "PEOPLE"
but one thing is for certain,i wont forget ,i am totally fed up with how the congress responds and it is time for our votes and our voice to be listened to.