Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting the Word Out -- Each Person's Role in the Fight Against Terror

One thing that is hated absolutely by terrorists and their sponsors is the TRUTH. The goal of any article about terror should be to expose the dirty laundry of the terrorists and their sponsors. One of the disappointments arising out of the quick ending to our family's case against the Iranian government was our inability to air Iran's dirty laundry in public. I believed then, as I do now, that the seamy underside of terror's sponsors is worthy of a good dose of sunlight.

Alex Margolin brings a perspective to this battle in a column appearing in the Jerusalem Post.
His points:
  • Israel's much-maligned public relations effort got a big boost from the media in recent weeks.
  • In parallel, on-line activists launched private efforts.

With all this activity, it's tempting to believe that government officials and organized activists have the situation covered. In reality, however, these efforts only address half the equation. The second half belongs to the public. Because of the "social" nature of today's Internet - where content is increasingly generated by users, not the sites themselves - quality content is not enough. It is also vital to maximize the quantity of people spreading Israel's message.

In other words, state agencies can do great work providing videos, images and information and activists can organize the material and create channels for public participation, but success in the media war will largely be determined by what the masses of supporters do with the information.

Margolin briefly traces the changes in media communication via the Internet from a one way street traveled by media sources to a two-way street where reader can add her opinion. He give several examples of this phenomenon and how it works for the better rather than the worst.

So, start that blog, reply to that column.

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