Friday, January 2, 2009

Why Create a Blog?

Why create a blog known as Terror Victims' Voice? It's a question I asked myself and is being asked of me now.

The reason is rather simple, to give a voice to the dead and injured and their families who have already suffered once by virtue of a terror attack, and who suffer again because of poor reporting in the media and pronouncements by commentators around the world.

Case in point in today's news is the coverage from, the English language version of the Al Jazeera network. In a story called "Angry protests over Gaza offensive" the network reports on these "angry protests" ranging from Indonesia to India to Australia. Not once, however, does the reporting mention that Israel began its bombardment of Gaza only after Hamas was warned to cease its firing of missiles and mortars across the border into Israel.

It is this kind of reporting that strikes for the second time at terror victims and their families. Blogs such as Terror Victims' Voice may not change the world, but it might change an opinion. Maybe your opinion.

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