Thursday, January 1, 2009

Israel vs. Hamas - A Muslim Writes About the Muslim Reaction

"Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

In the Jerusalem Post, Tawfik Hamid, writes
"As an Egyptian Muslim now living in America, I ask myself why the Arab street and its supporters in the West never show similarly strong response against Islamic terrorists who target innocents worldwide and explode markets full of predominantly Muslim civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, etc."

It is a good question and one that I have asked often.

Where are the Muslims who condemn terrorism clearly and unequivocally?

Some of the possible answers-- An "insular Arab tribal mentality?" "Plain old anti-Semitism?"
"The Muslim world and the Europeans who support the demonstrations against Israel must stop the biased reaction that blindly and reflexively supports the Palestinians and villifies Israel. Those who demonstrate against the military campaign on Gaza must realize that if Hamas had stopped pounding Israel with its rockets, Israel would not have launched its attack. If the Palestinians focused on building their society rather than destroying those of others, the whole region would enjoy peace and flourish. Should Palestinians recognize the right of Israel to exist, end terrorism against Jews and nurture a sincere desire to live in peace, they would end their suffering. The solution now is simply in the hands of the Palestinians - not the Israelis. "

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